Meet Nic, the new co-owner of Tiki Bar Soap

Meet Nic Oberneder, co-owner of Tiki Bar Soap
Meet Nic, the new co-owner of Tiki Bar Soap I would like to introduce you to Nic Oberneder, the new co-owner of Tiki Bar Soap. As many of you may know, we hired a warehouse manager last August to assist with creating products, staying organized, shipping orders - doing basically everything I needed help with. My previous assistant met the love of her life and moved to...
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What Does Artisan Mean To You?

What is Artisan?
Many of you often ask the question 'what is your favorite artisan soap?' or 'what is your favorite soap, non-artisan?' in reference to shaving soap. I thought I would touch on the subject of 'what is artisan' tonight. No one starts out making soap in large vats to begin with, unless they are given a large sum of money to purchase a business or they begin with a business plan of...
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In Depth Review – Shavette

A shavette
In Depth Review - Shavette: So I have gone into detail about how straight razors and safety razors work, but we haven't touched on shavettes at all. There seems to be a plethora of information out there on safety razors as well as on straight razors, but the information available on shavettes is few and far between. Why is this? Upon searching forums, youtube videos, and goo...
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In Depth Razor Spotlight – Safety Razors

Vintage Gillette Ad
I touched on the various types of razors available for wet shaving in my 'shave like a man!' post the other day, but I want to take the time to really go into detail about each type of razor available so that you are armed with the knowledge to select the blade for you. Today's post is on safety razors. When I first started wet shaving the question I had was 'why are they calle...
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Shaving Soap Tips & Tricks

There are several different methods of lathering shaving soap, from face lather, to bowl lather, to 'blooming' the soap, to using a scuttle. For those of you not familiar with these terms, this blog post, Shaving Soap Tips & Tricks, aims to discuss the various methods available to achieve the best lather possible in hard or soft water. The type of lather you are looking ...
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Straight Razor Care

A leather strop
Since yesterday's post was on how to select a razor and brush for beginners, I thought today I could post about how to care for a straight razor, for more advanced users. There are several types of straight razors available, whether it is Japanese steel kamasori type (literally, kamasori means razor in Japanses), Chineese steel like the Gold Dollar (many people argue that th...
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Traditional Wet Shaving Soap vs. Cream

Soap vs. Cream
In part 2 of 3 in our series on ingredients in shaving products, this article, Traditional Wet Shaving Soap vs. Cream, focuses on the similarities and differences between artisan and/or commercially available shaving soaps vs. shaving creams. The creams I will be discussing here are not the 'goo in a can' variety but rather creams which come in a tub or tube and are generally c...
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Tiki Mug Collector Sergio Garcia – April 2015 Blog our Brand Winner

Sergio's Tiki Mug Collection
Recently a customer shared with me a photo of his lovely tiki mug collection, with my soap and his cat posing with the display. I liked his photo so much that I asked him to share some information with you all about his tiki mug collection. After reading his story this gave me the idea to run a monthly 'blog our brand' contest. Sergio is our first winner, and will be the April ...
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Product Spotlight – Davey Jones’ Locker

Davey Jones' Locker
Today's product spotlight highlights a new offering, called 'Davey Jones' Locker'. The idea started out as a custom request from a local customer (isn't that how everything happens?!?), who wanted the scent of a famous soap in our vegan formula. Affectionately dubbed 'Dracula's Coffin' by one and 'Goth Bait' by another, this is certainly a deep, mysterious, strong, and alluring...
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Tiki Shaves

Soapy Bathman Crisp Bay Rum Gentle Lather Shaving Soap
I realized recently that I never post shave of the day photos. In fact a few customers have even accused me of not using the products. However, that could be the furthest thing from the truth. In reality, I love wet shaving just as much as you all do, I can assure you of that! So to highlight this I have decided to run a tiki shaves post every few weeks. While I don't have soap...
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