Product Spotlight – Davey Jones’ Locker

Davey Jones' Locker
Today's product spotlight highlights a new offering, called 'Davey Jones' Locker'. The idea started out as a custom request from a local customer (isn't that how everything happens?!?), who wanted the scent of a famous soap in our vegan formula. Affectionately dubbed 'Dracula's Coffin' by one and 'Goth Bait' by another, this is certainly a deep, mysterious, strong, and alluring...
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We Support the Lovin Soap Project

Handmade Carrot Soap that I purchased to support the Lovin Soap Project.
When I first started making soap I always knew I would like to donate my time as well as a portion of my soap sales to a charity. Through the years I have donated to various organizations, but not until my friend Amanda Griffin started the Lovin Soap Project did I truly felt a calling to reach out and not only donate but spread the word. So with this blog post, I would like to ...
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Summer Scent Pre Release

As days are getting longer and hotter that means it is time for pool parties, softball games, hiking and outdoor activities, and going to the beach. All of the outdoor activities and hot weather calls for shaving products as well as bath and body products that are cooling and refreshing rather than thick and heavy. For this reason, and because of the continued request fr...
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A Few of My Favorite Shops

Forrest Leaves Necklace
I have an etsy shop as well as a stand alone website, and have done many trades as well as purchased items off etsy over the past 2 years. I thought I would share some of the goodies I have received and feature some of my favorite etsy shops to share the love :) Shop: Mommy And Me Co. - Offers a variety of handmade bows and baby blankets. I got my son this frog blanket an...
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Shaving Soap!

Shaving Soaps on the Curing Rack
A few months ago I received a request from a local customer for a shaving soap. I love challenges so I decided to try to recreate his favorite soap based on the ingredients  provided. I had made some custom shaving soaps before for an etsy customer in Australia, and had made a batch here and there for Father's Day so I decided to give it a go. I sent out some samples for a few ...
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Happy New Year from the Tiki Bar!

Happy New Year!
I can not believe it is 2014 already. What a year it has been! I had our second child, completed my postdoc and taught my first college level class (and lab!), and had my first official year in business as "Tiki Bar Soap LLC." It has been a good year, with its ups and downs (mostly related to my health - I am fine but just dealing with some pesky issues). I have so many ...
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Meet Your maker Online Series: 3 Blind Hogs

3 Blind Hogs
This week's 'Meet your maker online' post features the shop 3 Blind Hogs. Three Blind Hogs is composed of Roger Van Wyck and his children Kelsie and Clay Van Wyck.  What items do you create, and what makes your items unique? We focus on repurposing materials we find in abandoned houses around the state. It all started with an old window and a bucket full of...
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Meet your maker online

Lavender Lotion
Last month I participated in 'meet your maker', a monthly feature of the maker's market in Tuscaloosa, AL. The maker's market carries my products along with crafts from over 100 other vendors. While I was there I was browsing around, looking at all of the other wonderful crafts and items from the other artists. This gave me an idea - what if I had a 'meet your maker' segment of...
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Design Inspiration: Making Black Cherry Bomb Soap

Black Cherry Bomb Design Inspiration
If you have ever seen my soap at a local craft fair you may have stopped to ask "how do you come up with all this?" Well, I am hoping to shed some light on the subject by taking you through idea to design concept all the way to implementation. I even filmed myself (OK, my arm) making the soap, and will post a video plus pics of the cut soap tomorrow. Making soap can be both ...
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