2015 Alabama Soap & Candle Association Meeting

Goody Bags for 2015 Alabama Soap & Candle Association Meeting
I recently attended the 17th Annual Alabama Soap & Candle Association Meeting in Pratville, AL last weekend. I gave a talk about how to press eye shadow as well as served as the vendor coordinator this year. The vendor coordinator is responsible for coordinating vendor donations for door prizes and goody bags as well as putting the goody bags together. Because we had over 1...
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Mobile Barber Shop

Edging up a Cut
I recently had the privilege of meeting Mr. Frank Price, the owner of the mobile barber shop where I live in Bessemer, AL. I had seen his RV parked in an empty parking lot when I went to the post office to drop off packages of shaving soap every day, so as you can imagine, it piqued my interest. The RV had his phone number on the side, so of course I had to call him to see if h...
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A Brief History of Tiki Bar Soap

An event I did with my friend Tanya who was selling her cell phone photography at the time. She actually launched a successful kickstarter and had a gallery opening with this work.
I thought it would be interesting to share my story with you all, since I am asked a lot about the progression of my business and my brand. How it all started: My friend Tanya and I went to the farmer's market in August of 2011 where I bought a bar of soap - the same type of soap that I had been buying for ten years from local specialty shops that I just assumed was made ...
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Summer Scent Pre Release

As days are getting longer and hotter that means it is time for pool parties, softball games, hiking and outdoor activities, and going to the beach. All of the outdoor activities and hot weather calls for shaving products as well as bath and body products that are cooling and refreshing rather than thick and heavy. For this reason, and because of the continued request fr...
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Tallow Shaving Soap – How to Achieve the Perfect Lather

Peaks of lather.
Our tallow shaving soaps are made with the finest ingredients, including plenty of stearic acid, grass fed beef tallow, coconut oil, kokum butter, and castor oil. All of the tallow soaps also contain lanolin (wool fat) to protect the skin while shaving. We also try to cure the soaps as long as possible, but increased demand means that a quick cure at your home will make the soa...
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Wet Shaving Benefits

SEM Image of Beard Hair
I found these photos recently and wanted to share. I am unsure of the original author of the work, or the scientist who performed the microscopy but am linking to the images and want to say kudos to whoever took them, very cool stuff indeed! In a past life (read, during my masters study in materials engineering) I spent many an hour in the SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and...
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Brambleberry Soap Swap Entry

Ginger Ale - a top view of the soap, with the swirls evident.
I love participating in soap swaps, not only to showcase my products but also to see what others are creating! This gives me fresh new ideas for packaging, it has helped improve the way I ship orders now based on feedback I have received, and finally it allows me to sample new fragrances and formulas that I would otherwise not have been exposed to. For the 'winter product swap'...
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About Us

My shampoo bar talk
Hello, and thank you for stopping by to browse my online shop! My name is Amanda and I have a PhD in chemistry and am also very health conscious, which lead me to create Tiki Bar Soap, LLC. in 2011. I chose the name Tiki Bar Soap because I have always been really into tropical, Tiki inspired wares.  I love rockabilly inspired fashion and anything that looks like it cam...
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Alabama Soap and Candle Association 2013 Meeting

Swap Goodies!
Last week I attended the 2013 Alabama Soap and Candle Association annual meeting and I had so much fun! This is my second year attending the conference and my first year as a speaker. I presented a talk on making shampoo bars (syndent and cold process). There were so many talented individuals and wonderful speakers this year, as always, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I ...
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