Store Locations

If you are a retail shop or online store that would like to carry our products, please fill out the contact form and we will send you a catalogue with more information regarding wholesale opportunities. You can purchase a selection of our products at the following locations:

United States


Tuscaloosa, AL

The Makers Market

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Tiki Bar Soap Maker's Market Display
Tiki Bar Soap Maker’s Market Display


Ft. Rucker. AL

Black Diamond Shaving Co.


Casa Grande, AZ

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements


West Covina, CA

Razorblades & More


Los Angeles, CA

Fig and York


Chichago, IL

Mertz Apothecary


Adrian, MI

Maggard Razors

New York

New York, NY

Pasteur’s Pharmacy


Pasteur's Pharmacy Tiki Bar Soap Display
Pasteur’s Pharmacy Tiki Bar Soap Display



Arora, ON

The Italian Barber


European Distribution in Italy and Slovenia

TVB Shaving

United Kingdom

Shaving Station

Shaving Time



  1. Chris Pedersen


    As a DE shaver, I was interested in your soap, having seen something about it on a forum.
    I was pleased to see that you are in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I was a resident of DOTHAN, Ala.
    for about 12 years, and loved it. Met my wife there! We are now in North Carolina. (it’s a long story)
    Anyway, let me peruse your site, and see which of your shaving soaps I’d like to try.
    Just wanted to contact you because of my love for Alabama. (where I actually met Hank Jr. one day in Cullman!)

    Best regards,
    Chris Pedersen

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Chris! I am born and raised here. Grew up about an hour from Mobile where I did my undergrad, then I moved here for grad school and started Tiki Bar Soap when I graduated. I love it, just wish it wouldn’t get so hot. The weather is the only part I don’t like!

  2. Michael

    I began wet shaving a few months ago. While trying to decide what products to start with I came across a YouTube review of your shave soap. I was thrilled to find out you were based in Alabama. Not only that, I believe you manufacture in Bessemer. I currently live in Helena and grew up in Hueytown. I thought it would be easy to get my hands on your product. However, there was only one store listed for Birmingham. A tiny boutique in Inverness. I went to buy some shave soap and they had stopped carrying Tiki. Is there anywhere in Birmingham I can find your products?

    1. Amanda

      Michael, You can stop by the Maker’s Market in Tuscaloosa, AL. They are our only retail outlet in Alabama, and this is our direct ‘storefront’. We update our booth there bi-monthly and there is always something new in stock. In addition you can find us at Druid City Arts Festival in Tuscaloosa, AL on 11th April, 2015.

  3. Nick

    Tiki Bar Soaps has made its way to NYC!!! Just stopped in to Pastuer Pharamacy and lo and behold there was a shelf of Tiki Soaps…..finally!!! Picked up the Cabernet Neroli and am hooked….thanks Amanda for getting Tiki to NYC.

    1. Amanda

      Thanks for stopping by to shop! I really appreciate it 🙂 Hopefully you got to sniff the testers, I tried to send a variety of everything!

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